Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HB 510

Pat Ingraham
Eliminate requirement for annual absentee forms


  1. Please support HB 510.
    Currently, Montana Law requires us to mail the absentee address confirmation notice every year. However, in odd numbered years Missoula County conducts all elections by mail. This confuses voters because they receive a ballot whether or not they returned the absentee address confirmation notice. In even numbered years when we must conduct the Federal Elections at the polls these notices must be returned for the electors to receive their absentee ballot. When they don't receive their absentee ballot they question why and refer to the previous year. This bill will allow us to mail a notice every other year when we are conducting poll elections.

    Also, this will save the counties a lot of money and time because we have to mail and enter all the address confirmation notices into MT Votes system when every active voter will receive their ballot by mail.

    Thank you for your consideration. Vickie Zeier

  2. Sent the following to Missoula Reps:

    Missoula County supports House Bill 510 - Eliminate requirement for annual absentee forms, as amended and before the House this afternoon. HB 510 will streamline the process of confirming absentee voting status saving Missoula County time and money. Please support HB 510.
    Dale Bickell on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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