Friday, January 11, 2013

HB 152

Steve Fitzpatrick
Provide deadlines for governing bodies to review tax exemption applications

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  1. "I agree with you. The notice requirements for the publication for hearings in each case are tight and we will need to have someone paying special attention to them. The remedy for deadlines that are not met in for the hearing notices or hearing dates should not be included in my opinion. Each application for special tax treatment is considered approved if any of the deadlines are not met? What this is saying is that it is in the applicant's best interests not to conduct a public process. I can understand the need for a taxpayer to receive prompt responses to their tax applications and I believe by changing the deadlines as shown within HB 152 accomplishes that, I do not think that additional consequences for the local government are required to meet the new schedule."
    Andrew C.


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