Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HB 316

Nancy Wilson
Revise fuel tax revenue to fund local public transportation


  1. This bill proposes an extra $0.02 on the dollar. One cent for road maintenance and one cent for transit funding statewide. As federal revenues dwindle and more $$ is allocated to larger population centers in the U.S, we will need more options available to us to generate revenue locally to maintain our transportation network. This bill is probably a long-shot, but worth our support.

  2. Representative Wilson,

    After much deliberation, the Commissioners have decided not to take a position on HB 316 - Revise fuel tax revenue to fund local public transportation. Under the current funding formula, approximately $15 million of the $200 million in gas tax revenue goes to local governments: approximately $10 million to cities and $5 million to counties (Missoula County's share of this is about $322,000 annually). This amounts to only 7.5% going to local governments. From Missoula County's perspective, it appears that the Montana Department of Transportation cannot spend its federal allocation. We believe the best approach is to consider more revenue sharing with local governments rather than place additional tax burden on our constituents. We would be happy to discuss this issue with you further. Thank you for all your work this session.

    Best regards,

    Dale Bickell
    On Behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners

  3. Representative Wilson,

    I do think this amendment improves the bill and Missoula County is grateful for your support of funding for local roads and streets. However, the Commissioners are still hesitant to support an increase in gasoline tax for local public infrastructure. Additionally, the public comment the Commissioners received when a local gas tax was being considered with the City of Missoula last summer has really reinforced their hesitancy to support this type of tax increase. I am happy to talk with you further about this. I can be reached on my direct line at 258-4229 or cell phone at 531-5350. Again, thanks for all your support and hard work this session.

    Best regards,



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