Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HB 14

Galen Hollenbaugh
Bonding program

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  1. Montana 63rd Legislative Assembly
    P.O. Box 201706
    Helena, MT 59620-1706

    Honorable Members of Montana’s 63rd Legislative Session:

    Missoula County strongly supports House Bill 14, the bonding program bill. This bill provides critical funding for the University of Montana's Missoula College. The current facility is woefully inadequate in meeting the needs of students seeking a two year education today. Two year education will play an increasingly vital role in educating our workforce because of its distinct advantages in cost, duration, and adaptability to changing market conditions.

    We understand and support the University of Montana's need to develop consolidated facilities at the south campus location in order to serve its students as efficiently as possible. But we also recognize the University's commitment to preserving open space for the community concurrent with the establishment of the Missoula College. This plan supports education and economic development while preserving open space in Missoula. Please support HB 14.



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