Monday, March 4, 2013

HB 569

Scott Reichner
Generally revise property tax laws


  1. If I read 569 correctly the homeowner would fill out an application certifying certain things that would make them eligible for the property tax limitation and then that year becomes their base year and tax payments can not increase beyond that base year, except if they build improvements and then they may be increased. Also the base year can change if a subsequent year comes in with lower projected tax collections than the current base year.

    The County Treasurer must send to the taxpayer with their annual property taxes a notice of what the base year taxes are, in addition to a current year tax statement (exclusive of any SID or RSID improvements) that tells them what the taxes would have been if they weren't claiming this property tax limitation. Then the statement must show the total amount of taxes due for the current year including and RSIDs or SIDs plus any improvements made to the property.
    -Andrew Czorny

  2. Sent the message below to Reps. Coffin and Wilson:

    Missoula County opposes House Bill 569 - Generally revise property tax laws, before House Taxation tomorrow morning. While the County supports the intent of the bill to mitigate the tax burden on seniors, the administrative requirements of the bill are significant. HB 569 requires the county treasurer to calculate and send the taxpayer both base year rates and current year rates - exclusive of any special improvement districts or rural special improvement districts. The statement must indicate the taxes owed if the taxpayer opts not to claim the adjustment. The treasurer must also show the total amount of taxes due for the current year including the SIDs or RSIDs plus any improvements made to the property. In short, the bill would require significant staff time and major programming changes to the finance software the County uses. Please oppose HB 569.

    Dale Bickell on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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